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Entry #2


2009-04-01 17:50:27 by VirulentX

wat wat wat


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2009-04-01 17:54:02

i dont know whats going on either

how come i cant watch half the stuff i want too? i tryed to watch a series and i couldnt watch the first episode but i could the 2nd but not the 3rd!

whats goin on -.-

im gna stop makin my sprite animation, no point as this website has just condemned itself x[


2009-04-01 17:55:47

.... and now my words are being changed when i type...

stop making my sprite an1mat10n, no point as this w3bs1t3 has jst condemned itself x[


VirulentX responds:

Oh snap.

I didn't even mean to post that news. D:

But, uh, it's an April's fool you silly.


2010-04-12 11:49:54

in dah butt